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Gifts, home decor, embroidery and more in Kentucky! Featuring a unique range of great products. Come see us!

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Feb. 12
Brett & Michael just opened a wedding registry with us.
We look forward to serving them in their special journey together.

Contact our bridal specialists for tips and suggestions or call: 1-270-759-2100
Feb. 10
Vietri Liked

Vietri wins Arts Award for Best Tabletop Company

Tags: winners, dining, entertaining, classic design, Vietri

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Feb. 9

We just cannot get enough of blue and white décor! Modello is a timeless staple.

Styling by Table + Dine

Tags: dining, entertaining, Vietri, $VTR-MDL-2201, $VTR-MDL-2220, Modello

Feb. 9
Reed & Barton

PERFORMANCE ON ICE! Cheer your Olympic favorites on with these Thomas O’Brien New Vintage Cocktail glasses

Tags: drinkware, barware, entertaining, Reed & Barton, Thomas O'Brien

Feb. 8
Vietri Liked

Oh how this view will be missed when we’re gone.

Tags: italy, Vietri

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Feb. 7
Today is Lindsay & Stephen's Wedding anniversary ~ Congratulations!
Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.
Feb. 6

Is there really anything more chic than white on white? Create contrast with the subtle lipped edges of Forma Cloud.

Tags: dining, entertaining, Vietri, $VTR-FOM-1100CL, $VTR-FOM-1119CL, $VTR-FOM-1123CL

Feb. 5

Get ready for that special dinner for two with our Valentine’s Day gift guide! We have curated a list of gorgeous pieces that will instantly set the mood

Tags: valentine, dining, entertaining, decor, Vietri, $VTR-INC-1100C, $VTR-INC-1116D

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